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Website Design by Alley Cat Media

(some of our projects below)
CampGround Web

CampGround Website Design

This new website is dedicated to the design and development of websites for Campgrounds, RV Parks and Resorts. This website is still under development.

Williamsburg Handyman

Williamsburg Handyman

This website is a small brochure style site developed to enhance local telephone book listings with photos of several recent projects completed by the client. This website is still under development.
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This online retailers website was designed from the ground up by Alley Cat Media and integrated with the Miva Merchant shopping cart system to provide a complete e-commerce solution.

Featured in the New York Daily News - June 22, 2000
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Billiard Towne

Billiard Towne

Phase 1: The folks at Billiard Towne had an old website they felt could use improvement. They contracted Alley Cat Media to redesign it. Shown here is the redesigned version.

Phase 2: After the successful redesign of the main website, it was time to add an online store. Alley Cat Media integrated an AbleCommerce® modular shopping cart system to provide a complete e-commerce solution.
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A Personal Web site - based on a scrapbook format - covering the 1962 Ford-Aurora 406 Grand National Competitions, featuring Henry Harnish - HO Slot Car Racing Champion 1962.
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Dairy Queen of Browns Mills, NJ

The owners of this local Dairy Queen® wanted a simple, no-frills website. This is an excellent example of a basic, brochure-type website which is also making use of a free Web hosting service.
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An on-line retailer using CCNow credit card processing service for their e-commerce shopping cart and credit card processing.
This site is undergoing reconstruction

An affiliate program site providing reviews and links to featured sites.
Featured site:
CDNow Cosmic Credit Cool Links - June/July 1999
This site is no longer active

Fast Food

Fast Food Restaurant [sample]

A sample website which was developed for a local pizza restaurant before a national Web site was established for the chain.
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