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Website Services

Website Design

Website design takes on many shapes. We build websites to promote function, straightforward presentation, and ease of use, always keeping the end-user in mind. We avoid the use of extra "gimmicks" that you find on many websites that only say "look, we can do this", but have no real impact on the functionality of the site. With the myriad of browsers, platforms, operating systems, and connection speeds in use today, we aim for a neutral site promoting both functionality and good looks for the widest range of users.

e-Commerce Applications

From simple single page order forms to complex database driven shopping cart applications, we provide a full range of e-commerce solutions for your online business needs.


Search Engine Optimization and Promotion

Search Engine Optimization isn't as daunting as it sounds, and it's not the black magic many would lead you to believe. We should point out however, that there are considered to be two sides to optimization. The good side and the bad - or dark side - as some call it. Good optimization benefits users and search engines alike, allowing se's to index your pages with accurate results. Good optimization can simply be a matter of "search engine friendly design" that allows the search engine spiders to crawl and index your website efficiently, or it can be much more. The search engine Google has a page about bad seo. Bad optimization can get your website banned from many search engines.

Website Redesign

You may already have a website that, but feel it's in need of a face-lift or update.
We can help you with that, too. It doesn't matter if you built it yourself, or hired a pro. We can objectively look at the design, layout, and functionality, advise you of good points and bad points, and recommend changes based on your needs.


Website Maintenance

Continued maintenance is often overlooked once your site is up and running. We can keep an eye on such things as out of date copy, make suggestions for keeping your site fresh, and do the maintenance for you, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.

Private Preview URL

You always have up-to-date web access to your site as it progresses. Included with your Web design contract is a password protected area where you, and only you or those you designate, can keep abreast of ongoing development and review and approve changes.

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